Friday, April 27, 2007

An example of How Blogs Can Be Beneficial for Businesses

My Little Experiment

I decided to experiment with blogging to see if there really are benefits for business owners. I have to say right now that it is! I created 2 blogs and I took the time to submit the feeds everywhere I could. I registered at many blog search engines and I also kept a list of all of the blog promotion information I read through and followed the advice.

So, I created 2 blogs. On this blog (blog 1) I decided to post longer entries 1-2 times a week and
the other blog (blog 2) I update 3-5 times a week with smaller entries. Today these blogs have been online 20 days and...

  • Blog 1 has visitors from 8 different countries and blog 2 has visitors from 19 different countries.
  • My main business site has 100-150 more hits a day than it did before and has resulted in three additional freelance jobs.
  • My second business site has 10-22 more hits a day and I have been hired to create 5 web sites in the last 6 days.
  • I now have been in contact with great people across the net and have had communications with some great SEOs with national/international reputations. (Super Cool, BTW)
  • I find my blog entries all over the net due to RSS feeds which leads to my blog which then sends people to my main business sites.
  • I have had 32 emails asking about the services I offer and 17 asking other questions.
  • I have gained numerous and exciting page 1 placements on the three major search engines for the blogs.
  • My main site has moved up on the 1st page of Google (for several search phrases) for whatever reason.

So, 20 days of work and monitoring stats has shown me that blogging is really worth the time, effort and energy. It is beneficial for my business site, my visibility on the net and my bank account. I also have to say that I am one of those people that thrives on information. I love to read and learn and then learn some more and blogs are a great resource for that.

Beneficial for Businesses

I think creating a blog for your business can be extremely beneficial. I am going to post some links below that I have found on my own, have found due to and have found thanks to SiteProNews.

  1. Matt Cutts
  2. read the whole thing!
  3. - Blog Promotion 101
  5. Web Logs
  7. SEOpedia
  8. Great Entry By Copyblogger- Learning styles and preferences-beneficial for all writers
  9. Greywolf's SEO Blog
  10. RSS-Specifications
  12. OF COURSE- claim your blog
  13. Commission Junction. Great way to make extra money. They have attractive ads to choose from.
  15. Submit Your Site Google
  16. Submit Your Site to MSN
  17. Yahoo! Publisher Guide to RSS
Melissa Fach- SEO Copywriter


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