Friday, May 11, 2007

Beta Google Analytics...starting to like it more

I am one of those people that really doesn't like change that much, with the exception of weight loss and all products sold at Best Buy :-)

I have to say I am still using the previous interface more. The new one is fancier looking and looks great on my wide screen, but I have to get use to it.

One thing that is a massive improvement is that you do not have to click on so many things to read results. For example, my blog results for yesterday- regarding visitors is easy to view:

375 Visits

179 Absolute Unique Visitors

909 Pageviews

2.42 Average Pageviews

00:05:07 Time on Site

47.47% New Visits

I also like the new bar graphs for "Visitors" info which gives you a lot of data quickly and is easy to scan through. I will get use to it I am sure, but right now I guess I have to get over my dislike for change.

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